this moment.

10. září 2014 v 20:23 | caty. |  thoughts & shouts.
You lose people you don't want to lose, memories start to feel too distant, you have to let go and move on. You should have your mind in the present but it wanders in the past and fears the future. Suddenly you have million things you want to get done immediately and be a super human, but you don't know where to start. Walking in the nature and just breathing works almost every time. Everything is okay as it is. There's no need for a fresh start, or having pressures to be a perfect person. Just living the moment and doing what's best in every moment is the best you can do. Breathing and existing is enough. When you realize that, everything starts to feel easier. Trying to find the positive sides of things and not fall into the negativity trap. Happiness doesn't require anything major. Nothing more than this moment, yourself, breathing and existing.


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