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Hi there! My name is Linda. I speak Czech (obviously) and English. I am 21 years old and live in Czech republic, Europe.

pozdrav a základní představení

I'm introverted sensitive person, I love irony, sarcasm and inside jokes (maybe we will make some of our own too :D). I'm a bit shy. I live in my little world. That world consist of good books, lot of tv shows (my all time favorite is GOT, cause.. .who doesn't love GOT, duh) and movies, coffee, music and ocasionally concerts (mostly movie soundtracks, metal/rock, instrumental music), cosy cafés, cactuses and plants, art and stuff like that. I'm a cat person but I also like hedgehogs, foxes, dogs and pandas. I love to bake and cook, so I can send you homemade cookies yay!

pár hlavních rysů povahy, moje koníčky a malý výčet toho, co mám ráda. nepište tam toho moc, ať vám něco zbyde do dopisu! ;)

I absolutely adore the idea of exchanging letters and small care packages with someone from other part of the world. I also love the proccess of getting to know one another. There's no better feeling than finding a new letter/ postcard in your mailbox. Warning: I live for long letters with bunch of unrelevant information starting with how my day was and ending with why I love that particular song).

důvod, proč jsem se rozhodla pro penpalling a malé varování

Oh and I'm sorry but I'm not interested in identity questions and politics, so if you are looking for someone who will discuss these topics with you, I am not the right person for you.

na závěr můžete uvést, o čem si psát nechcete, abyste se vyhnuli nežádaným nabídkám

Can't wait to meet you! :)

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